VICKA is an adventure tourism and  instruction business, based out of Qualicum Beach on Vancouver island, offering a multitude of climbing courses and kayak lessons and tours. I serve primarily central and south Vancouver Island but I operate as far east as Squamish and as far west as the Broken Group Islands. I specialize in teaching and guiding kayaking, rock climbing, camp craft, skiing, and snowboarding. My focus is on making your adventure or learning experience a fun and successful one. I offer courses and tours for individuals and groups of up to 6 people, ages 16 and up. Courses can be requested any time during my operating season from April 01 – September 30.



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Courses and Guiding

Often overlooked due to nearby destination areas, Vancouver Island is home to granite domes, peaks of ice, overhanging limestone,  and there really is something for everyone. Vancouver island hosts a wide variety of rock including Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Conglomerate, and Sandstone and many small beautiful crags spread throughout the island to choose from.

At VICKA I have all the knowledge and equipment to get you from the gym to climbing real rock outdoors. If you've ever wanted to try rock climbing, I have a course for you. If you've decided that you want to be able to build anchors for any situation, I have a course for that too.

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Courses, Tours, Rentals

Vancouver Island is known as one of the best sea kayaking destinations in the world. Having an abundance of marine life spread throughout its remote beaches and rugged coast line, there will be no shortage of places to stop and things to see. With so many sheltered inlets and so many exposed islets, Vancouver Island paddling is a dream.

At VICKA, weather you are new to the sport and are looking for one of our kayak lessons, or you are a seasoned paddler, I will help you on your way to developing and improving the skills that you need to paddle safely in this beautiful environment. If our kayak lessons are not the path for you, dont worry, I am happy to provide equipment delivery and guide you on kayaking trips around Vancouver Island, be it a day trip to Discovery Island or 10 days in the Broken Island Group. Maybe you have the skills but just need a boat, I also have all the rentals and equipment that you need for a few days out on the water for just you and friends.



Fully Outfitted Single and Multi-day Hikes, Equipment Rentals

Vancouver Island is home to mountains, glaciers, lakes, forests of centuries-old trees, and hundreds of kilometers of coastline. The hiking opportunities here range from multi-day coastal treks to full-day summit hikes and peaceful walks through meadows and valleys. In the interior are ancient forests and alpine areas to explore on foot. Even if your travels take you no farther than the provincial capital of Victoria, you won't be disappointed with the hiking opportunities.

VICKA can provide most of the required equipment for your hiking experience including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, cooking equipment, headlamps, water reservoirs, and more. As your guide, I come with all the guide essentials and experience to provide the peace of mind you need for you to enter the back country. 

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SUPs, Kayaks, Hiking Equipment

SUPs: We have 3 brand new Cascadia XR4 SUP available for rent in spring 2020, and more coming soon.

Kayaks: We have a fleet of 6 single person, sit in sea kayaks for rent and everything you need for single day and multi day paddling trips.

VICKA can provide you with all the equipment you need, as required by Transport Canada during your paddles.

You may take the kayak or SUP rentals for overnight trips as long as you have the required knowledge. You can also request some specialty equipment rentals such as compass and dry bags for your trip. you can pick your rentals up or you can have them delivered to a location.

Kayaks and SUP's can be delivered from Bowser to Nanoose with a delivery fee or can be picked up in Qualicum Beach and taken away.

Hiking Equipment: New for 2020, you can rent backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, cooking equipment, headlamps, water reservoirs, and more. Call for pricing and availability.


About Your Guide

Adventure Guide & Instructor, Aaron Miller , grew up in Northern Ontario having acres of forest in his back yard, where in the summer he would ride his mountain bike and in the winter x-country ski. In his early teens he moved to Southern Ontario where he adapted to a more urban environment by taking up rollerblading in the parks and BMX biking in the streets. In 2005 Aaron joined the Canadian Forces where he served for 11 years. During his military career he began new hobbies leading him away from the urban life and back towards the nature he enjoyed as a child. Aaron started rock climbing, kayaking, and snowboarding and a desire for a larger landscape grew. He could feel the draw of the West Coast. The military taught Aaron leadership skills and provided a higher appreciation for the freedom of the outdoors. It was at this time that Aaron started thinking about becoming an adventure guide. In 2012 Aaron moved to Victoria BC where he joined a number of active groups and his passion for teaching his hobbies was refined. Quickly Aaron began acquiring certifications as an instructor and adventure guide. Over the years, through his outgoing nature, Aaron has been an influencer amongst his family and peers while leading in adventure sports. Now days Aaron holds certifications as a Level 2 Snowboard Instructor, Level 1 Ski Instructor, Level 2 Kayak Instructor, Wilderness Camping Instructor, Level 1 Sea Kayak Guide, Level 3 Rock Guide, Climbing Gym Instructor, and Outdoor Emergency Care Technician and Instructor. Aaron has been on the Volunteer Snow Patrol, works for the Snow School at Mount Washington, has taught for Section 8 Snow Sports Institute, has been an adventure guide for Mountain Skills Academy and Adventures in Whistler, and has been the chief instructor for the Pacific Fleet Kayak Club. Aaron’s favourite achievements involve hiking the top two most dangerous hikes in the world, descending by mountain bike from the second tallest peak in Spain, and kayaking amongst giant icebergs in both Newfoundland and Alaska.



Contact me regarding courses and tours outside of my regular operating season and let's see if we can put something together for you.

My operational season is 01 April - 30 Sep for all lessons and rentals weather dependant.

Daily operating hours within the operational season are as follows.

Mon - Fri: 1pm - 9pm

Sat - Sun: 8am - 9pm



457 College Rd., Qualicum Beach, BC, V9K1G4

(778) 350-4163


(778) 350-4163

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